This reminds me of a special day, so I’ll stick it here for my 201st post. That’s the day I won $42 million in the lottery. The money was deposited in my account somewhere in West Central Europe in a country that has been neutral since 1515. Its capital is Bern, and if you haven’t guessed it by now, let me add one more clue. Its army knife is the best in the world. I have one but its made in China. 

The truth is, I was looking for a metaphor to describe what happened at the Manila Peninsula Hotel when Senator Trillanes staged a walkout while on his way to a Makati courthouse. It was a few days after but I still could read newspaper editorials about the incident. I googled Pen-pen de sarapen and it eventually led me to some Pinoy children’s games and other links. I clicked one link and I saw this blog.

The blog’s name is very Pinoy but the photo posted on the entry was obviously not. I dragged my cursor to the next entry and saw a familiar breakfast meal with… adobo? I could relate in someway, but not really… so I read the the rest of the previous entries and saw one heartwarming post. I posted a comment dated on this day exactly a year ago.

After a few exchanges of comments and HIs and HELLOs, this blogger’s  became my first official commenter,  not because I write nice blog posts but because… I guess only this blogger can say why.

I didn’t win millions. I discovered friendship that no amount of money could buy… Okay, if I were to get $42 million in exchange for this blogger, I’ll take the money!!

But I’ll have this blogger cloned so I can keep the original and give the clone away.



  1. hehe…I probably would go for the money too! And you do write and maintain a nice blog. Most of all the blog is just the books cover…. what’s inside is the real find of a treasure.

    More power to the friendship!! God Bless!

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