Nine years and eleven days

As expected, he wanted a LEGO for the big day. He got his wish but I know it’s not his most preferred version. Still he’s thankful as always. As for me, his special day is one of the sweet reminders that we are truly blessed for having such a sweet, affectionate and cheerful boy. We love you, Jed. Mommy loves you the ‘mostest’


To have a great afternoon

Check Jessica Zafra‘s book-signing at Cibo, Shangri-La, Mall @ 2-4 PM. Her new books, “The Stories So Far” and “Geeks vs Jocks are available via The Library of Babel online store. Each book (hardbound, bookpaper) retails at the introductory price of Php399; get both books for the special price of Php699.

JZbooksigning Photo from The Library of Babel FB page. Yup, Uno and Jed (third photo below) finally met their mother’s favorite writer last week, June 21, 2014.






“The truth is I want to know what people are reading,
even if it’s none of my business.” Ann Patchett

2013-04-28 09.54.20a

The truth is, Uno and Jed’s Disney and Groliers volumes plus DVDs are the most expensive in the collection. Php 18,000.00 paid in six installments.

2013-04-28 09.52.12
And of course by now you know I’m a fan of Ann Patchett and Anne Tyler.

*What about you? What are you reading?