Nine years and eleven days

As expected, he wanted a LEGO for the big day. He got his wish but I know it’s not his most preferred version. Still he’s thankful as always. As for me, his special day is one of the sweet reminders that we are truly blessed for having such a sweet, affectionate and cheerful boy. We love you, Jed. Mommy loves you the ‘mostest’



Happy Birthday, Jed!

Dear Jed,

Twenty-eleven is your Brave Year. You sent a beautiful bride to the altar even when I wasn’t there the exact moment, and managed to hold her hand before giving her to the handsome groom. You counted 1-10 while your pediatrician pricked your right arm and earned the med-tech’s admiration because she knew others kids would have wailed and weep.

May your warm hugs and sweet smile always bring sunshine to everyone’s heart and may you grow up to be a fine young boy. We love you, Jed! Happy 5th Bithday!

Jed as the little consort to his Ninang Cosette on April 2011.

Jed as a school boy.

Jed as a future rocker (minus the electric guitar).

This is Jed’s fifth birthday appearance in this blog. Thank you, WordPress for the space and for being a silent witness to his growing years. And to you my readers, thanks for dropping by.

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The birthday boy with cousins Agatha and Althea.