Even under a state of national calamity

bituin at araw

“Ang bituin at araw niya’y kailanpama’y di magdidilim..”
(“It’s stars and Sun forevermore shall never go dim..”)

A survivor’s tale by Frances Mangosing, Air Force officer recounts 6-hour ordeal at sea with young boy at height of ‘Yolanda’

“I was going farther and farther out into the sea and all I saw were tips of coconut tees disappearing into the rising water. Suddenly, I saw a child wrapping his arms tightly to a floating coconut tree. By a stroke of luck, the waves led me to the child,” Carangan said as quoted by Army’s 8th Infantry Division deputy chief of staff for Training Lieutenant Colonel Allan Jose Taguba.

Both the 8th Infantry Division and the Tactical Operations Group are under the control of Armed Forces Central Command in Visayas region. Taguba posted Carangan’s narration on Facebook.

“The little boy also held to the piece of wood I was holding on to. We floated where our bodies took us,” he said.

When they reached the sea, Carangan said they went through “another hell.”

“We were slammed by waves—huge waves from all directions. We were also toyed by whipping winds. We drank a lot of salt seawater. I was getting so tired,” he also said.

“Too young to die,” he thought to himself as he looked at the little boy.

Read the complete story here.

And in more gut wrenching news..

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And some updates..

1 month on, progress in Philippine typhoon zone from Yahoo News by Oliver Teves
Resilient, smiling Filipinos impress British soldiers
For Philippine typhoon survivors, Christmas brings hope amid the rubble


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