Sixth for 2013


The Constant Gardener © 2001 by John le Carre

Date Acquired : May 26, 2013 – BOOKSALE @ Php 97.00
Started Reading : May 28, 2013
Finished Reading : November 2, 2013

From the pages

Rule one: never show your feelings if you have any. (12)

Give Africa to the women and the place might work. (36)

That you are loved for being someone you weren’t. That you’re a sort of fraud. A love thief. (49)

How can we help a poor country if we’re not rich ourselves? (59)

Some people, once seen, live forever in our memories. (86)

Sometimes you don’t have to feel something to know you feel it. Sometimes your senses are so trampled that another appalling piece of news is just one more tiresome detail to administer. (128)

She felt by reason of her beauty, that she had an obligation to be heard. (158)

We who walk past life with our eyes down. (166)

In my profession, studied ignorance is an art form. (168)

Poverty on that scale is a discipline of its own. It can’t be learned in an afternoon. (168)

Pain observed is journalistic pain. Its diplomatic pain. Its televised pain, over as soon as you switch off your beastly set. Those who watch suffering and do nothing about it, in her book, were little better that those who inflicted it. They were the bad Samaritans. (171)

If in hell, lie. If I trust nobody – not even myself – if I am to be loyal only to the dead, lie. (177)

The most comfortable thing you can do is assume they’re with you all the time. (198)

For every soul that turns to God, here are a hundred that do not! (269)

If you can’t deal with the reality, then dream up a conspiracy. (345)


His lies were not fabrications. They are brilliantly devised distorting lens that turned facts into monsters, yet left them looking like facts. (350)

He has many biblical references I do not understand. Perhaps that is because I do not understand God. (370)

For humanist, God is an excuse for not being humanistic. (374)

I’ve been shirking all my life. I’m a graduate of pain. (382)

Better to be inside the System and fighting it, than outside the System howling at it. (389)

A crime, maybe you can get away with a crime. But a cover up is going to land you in gaol every time. (395)

I serve, therefore I feel. Whereas all I feel now is: it was you against the whole pack of them and, unsurprisingly, they won. (414)

She lives only with the monstrosity of her case and it’s hopeless insolubility. (425)

He is a weak man who looks for strength in the wrong places. Unfortunately it is the weak who destroy the strong. (437)

There are some things that are too dangerous to know. (470)

Suspicions so monstrous are not laid to rest in a day, particularly when they echo other suspicions that have been laid to rest in the past. (480)

In civil wars, the wealthy die first. That’s because, if someone steals their cattle they can’t adjust. The poor stay pretty much the way they were. (516)

Does the truth change so fast these days? My father taught me: if something is true, it is sternal. (524)

You want to turn to God, you gotta be a sinner first. (535)


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