Expect the unexpected

Saturday (2005) by Ian McEwan

Started/Finished Reading:
May 02, 2013-May 09, 2013

2013-07-14 14.30.42“There are so many ways a brain can let you down.”

In the opening pages of ”Saturday,” we find Perowne awake before dawn, gazing out from his bedroom window. As he surveys the jumbled rooftops of nighttime London, he is filled with a gratifying sense of the order of things. ”Henry thinks the city is a success, a brilliant invention, a biological masterpiece — millions teeming around the accumulated and layered achievements of the centuries, as though around a coral reef, sleeping, working, entertaining themselves, harmonious for the most part, nearly everyone wanting it to work.” But then he sees something strange on the horizon — a meteor, perhaps, or a comet. As it comes nearer, he realizes it is an airliner on fire — hurtling through the night sky in the direction of Heathrow. Might it be another terrorist catastrophe? In an instant, his illusion of intellectual mastery over his surroundings is shattered and the euphoric visions of civic cooperation are replaced by dreadful imaginings of panic and death.

‘Saturday’: One Day in a Life by Zoe Heller at NY times. Continue reading here.


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