Thank you, Em…

I CHOOSE by Emily Osorio+

I have decided and truly convinced
My life is built on choices, choices I have made
Although I was not able to choose my parents,
I’ve chosen to live and abide by them
I have not chosen to be born poor,
But I was given the choice to strive and work hard, make a change
I was able to choose whom to spend my life with,
A choice in building a government
A choice in faith
I cannot choose the children that I will bring into life,
I was given a pure soul, the rest is irrelevant
How to guide them in life, all depends on my choices.

I am here on Earth, half my life spent
On choices I’ve made as I pass through time
Some choices are not as good as I hope it would be
But that is okay, it allows me to learn and make better choices the second time around

To my children
When you were born,
I was given the privilege to choose for you
It may not be perfect, you may not actually like some it,
You’ve cried, you’ve pouted , you’ve rebelled
I chose to be steadfast, chose that someday you will understand
In time, soon I can see…
This powerful of choice shall be handed down to thee
Take heed of your choices, choose wisely
You will find that some choices are hard to make
But as soon as you have decided, be prepared for the consequence
Some consequence may hurt, some may not be what you want
Choose then, to learn from it
For my sweet, we are what we choose to be.only

* * * * *

I choose love.. because its the only thing that matters..


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