Miss U 2011



Angolan stuns; Shamcey Supsup shines
The Philippine Daily Inquirer

Sao Paulo, Brazil—The newly crowned Miss Universe hopes her victory will allow her to assist her native country further escape its history of war and poverty, and believes that “racists need to seek help” for they are “not normal in the 21st century.”

Angola’s Leila Lopes on Monday night (Tuesday morning in Manila) became the new Miss Universe, edging out beauties from Ukraine, Brazil, the Philippines and China as the pageant marked its 60th anniversary.

The Philippine candidate, 25-year-old Shamcey Supsup, an architecture magna cum laude and native of General Santos City, finished third runner-up in the contest among 89 young women and watched by an estimated one billion people around the world.

Lopes, 25, wearing a glittery strapless gown with feathery fringe, accepted the crown from last year’s winner, Mexico’s Ximena Navarrete, after upsetting a lineup of Latin American beauties who had been favored to win. CONTINUE READING


Shamcey smart, spirited, gorgeous


Gorgeous Shamcey

I thought Shamcey represented our country very well. Smart, spirited, gorgeous. I wasn’t at all disappointed because she displayed what is so great about Filipino women: strength, beauty, intelligence. She should be very happy.

First thing I said to her was congratulations! I then asked if I could have a photo taken with her.

I don’t know what others thought of Shamcey, all our moves were being monitored and any sort of serious discussion might be misconstrued.

Right after the pageant’s conclusion, security whisked us back to the green room. There were a couple of parties that followed, but I didn’t stay long at either of them. I had a looming deadline and I’ve found myself disdainful at loud music and way too many strobe lights.

I’m now back in my hotel room with a snack and soothing music playing. A peaceful end to a very exciting night. To the new Miss Universe, congratulations on a marvelous competition. Enjoy your whirlwind year!


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