Say a little prayer

DepEd Memo No. 57 s. 2011

RAS ADJIR, Tunisia—Migration officials said on Friday from 6,000 to 10,000 foreigner laborers, families and pregnant women were trapped in Al Khums, on the Libyan coast, amid a growing humanitarian crisis caused by the chaos in Libya.

The group included West Africans, Chinese and Filipinos, the Geneva-based officials said, quoting an African worker.

Filipinos among 10,000 trapped on Libya coast

MANILA, Philippines—Still seething, a Filipino worker returned home from Libya with only invectives for the government, accusing Philippine officials of waiting till the last minute while other nations were already scrambling to take their citizens home.

“The Americans, the Chinese, the British—everybody was already evacuating their people while we Filipinos were left behind … When the Koreans were evacuated, we were left behind,” said Gil E. Lebria, a worker of the German-owned construction firm Man Ferrostaal.

Angry worker slams gov’t for alleged inaction in Libya


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