Live updates on Azkals vs Mongolia AFC Challenge Cup match
(The Philippine Star) Updated February 09, 2011


(93:00) Another goal for Philippines by Phil Younghusband! Azkals up 2-to-nil!

(90:00) Another player out for Mongolia. Redshirts down to 9 men.

(83:47) Overwhelming defense by the Azkals. Mongolians having a hard time getting ball possession.

(75:00) Another Mongolian down in pain and out on a stretcher. 2nd half is being played mostly on the Philippines’ side. Great offensive attacks by Azkals, that’s what you call aggressiveness

(71:00) Keep your cool Ian Araneta!

(69:00) Mongolia’s goalkeeper is the man for the redshirts right now! He’s already made a handful of good rejections!

(66:22) Tough night at the office for Mongolian goalkeeper. Too many attempts left and right!

(61:20) Hand use by James Younghusband. Looks like a genuine goal at first look. Good catch ref!

(58:30) Ian Araneta almost scores a goal. Good save by the Mongolian keeper.

(54:06) Phil Younghusband’s too close to the goal but kicks too high.

(48:30) Some dull plays. Philippines still leads 1-0.

Second half under way!

Halftime stat: Philippines had 7 goal attempts. Mongolia had 2


(42:34) Goal for Caligdong! Phl leads 1-0!

(38:00) Ian Araneta’s header way off the mark.

(36:00) Not enough power in Gener’s kick, Mongolia’s goalkeeper catches it with ease. Teams still scoreless.

***With No. 9 out of the game, Mongolia is down to 10 men.

(28:12) James Younghusband is down but picks himself up. He’s clutching his left arm.

(22:50) Say goodbye to Mongolia’s No. 9! He got a third yellow card.

(22:47) Both teams have already missed several goal attempts.

(18:04) Good side throw in by Philippines but no goal conversion. Both teams still scoreless.

(14:10) No. 9 of Mongolia gets second yellow card. One more and he’s out.

(13:47) Mongolians showcasing good deflections. This is going to be a gruelling match.

(10:50) Mongolia playing good defense so far. Azkals taking their time in crossing the ball.

(8:40) Philippines misses another goal attempt.

(4:30) Aly Borromeo’s head strike misses. Way above the goal.

(4:20) Feeling-out period for the teams. Both squads still scoreless.

(1:00) Philippines almost scores goal. Intense match!

Last-minute huddle by both squads

National anthem of Mongolia being played. Philippines’ Lupang Hinirang next.

Both teams taking the pitch. Mongolia squad dons red jersey. Azkals are in white.

Player introductions are underway. Know your Azkals! Just a few minutes before game time.

Tremendous crowd at the jampacked Panaad Stadium. Camera flashes everywhere. Fans with face paints are among the crowd standouts.

Mongolia isn’t really an active team. Their last international outing was in 2009 versus Macao.

The Philippines is currently ranked 152nd by the FIFA. Mongolia is at 182nd place.

Warmup time for both squads.



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