Reading 2010

I was reading Atonement (eBook in RTF) stealthily in the middle of training in preparation for something. My seatmates must have wondered why I was checking my phone every two seconds. The ever reliable and affordable phone is equipped with an eBook reader. Very handy when standing in a long queue or when stuck in traffic. Or when attending a suspenseful, gripping and thrilling training.

Got advance copy (copies) of Twisted 9 from one of my favourite writers, Jessica Zafra. I also participated in her liveblog and opened my eyes in the wonderful world of soccer and rugby.

I completed my Ann Patchett collection.

The books in Reading 2010:

1. The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown
2. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
3. Truth and Beauty, Ann Patchett
4. What Now?, Ann Patchett
5. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, Carson McCluster
6. The Funny Thing Is, Ellen de Generes
7. Earthly Possessions, Anne Tyler
8. The Secret of Lost Things, Sheridan Hay
9. Barbra, Christopher Andersen
10. Atonement, Ian McEwan (eBook)
11. The Book Borrower, Alice Mattison
12. Charms for Easy Life, Kaye Gibbons
13. The Mermaid Chair, Sue Monk Kidd
14. The Patron Saint of Liars, Ann Patchett
15. Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury (eBook)
16. The Stranger, Albert Camus (eBook)
17. Split Second, David Baldacci
18. The English Teacher, Lily King
19. Private Altars, Kathryn Mosby
20. The Edible Woman, Margaret Atwood (eBook)
21. The Importance of Being Ernest and Other Plays, Oscar Wilde
22. The Optimist’s Daughter, Eudora Welty
23. Nine Stories, JD Salinger
24. Twisted 9, Jessica Zafra
25. Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen
26. Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad
27. Call for the Dead, John le Carre
28. On Chesil Beach, Ian McEwan

I was enjoying this last night.


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