Twisted 9 by Jessica Zafra

I went to La Cuisine for Jessica Zafra’s Meet and Greet last night and got my Twisted 9 book (s) from Jessica herself.

Here’s an excerpt from one of her essays:

At 21:19 I was in the train station in Trieste. I crossed the street to the bus station and everything was closed. There was an old couple on a bench — in guidebook Italian I asked about the airport bus, and the man said it was through that door. I could buy a ticket from the driver. This is my second time in Trieste, and it feels like an abandoned frontier town. I was joined by some other people, including a guy who looked like a junkie, and a mother and her young son who was carrying a Batman knapsack twice his size. I suddenly remembered how I always used to be the last kid to be picked up from school. By the time my mother arrived, my homework would be done and I’d be reading some library book.

The driver was a beefy man who looked like a heavyset Hugh Laurie. He smilingly counted the handful of coins I paid him with. He sang along to all the pop songs on the radio, and later he ordered the guy who looked like a junkie to get off the bus. All the passengers seemed to know him. There can’t be that many people in Trieste-Gorizia-Monfalcone.

It’s midnight, and seven hours before boarding. I am hanging out in an empty airport in the middle of nowhere, which used to be the port of the Austro-Hungarian empire, then part of Yugoslavia, and is now the tip of Italy. It is not Hong Kong airport, that’s for sure. The snack bar is a vending machine, and there is no Louis Vuitton store.

– From Trieste, 12.01 a.m.

For more information on how to get a copy of Twisted 9, visit her blog here.

And here’s one of the wild boys of reason, Jed, ‘trying’ to read Twisted 9.


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