Uno&Jed @ Avatar

I will remember Avatar not for its fantastic visual effects, charming computer-generated characters and tale-as-old-as-time-story but as Uno and Jed’s first movie date ever. We didn’t watch it on 3D because the cinema only offered regular screening.

The boys have been saying ‘avatar’ even before the movie was shown here because there’s a piece of toy at home borrowed from their cousins and they call it ‘avatar, avatar’. The toy loosely resembled one of the giant winged creatures in the film. I guess they must have seen the movie trailer on TV.

The film was rated PG but still I asked the usher if the boys will be allowed to watch, just to be sure. Together with my brother, we entered into the cinema where there were not so many people and we easily found nice cozy seats. I cuddled Jed because he’s too small for his seat while Uno seated at my right, beside my brother. As the boys devoured popcorn and doughnuts, the film captivated their attention on its first and middle parts. Being first time movie goers, Jed couldn’t help but say ‘Mommie, brownout’, while Uno declared ‘Mommie, ang laki ng TV’. Jed asked me twice who Jake was when he made his video log and he specifically pointed to his photo at the lower left side of the screen. Jed simply repeated the name. Uno didn’t ask anything. When Jake and Neytiri had their intimate moments, I saw Jed covered his eyes.

I missed some crucial scenes when they boys said that they’ve got to pee. I took them to the ladies room, I was just glad because the ladies room was for our selves when we entered.

When we went back to our seats, it took less than ten minutes for Jed to make his boredom felt. He stood and started pulling the empty seats beside us. Then Uno joined him. Mother’s instinct figured at once so I took the boys hand and made them seat until the movie ended.

When credits rolled and the place was lighted, my brother went to the men’s room with Uno, while Jed walked to and fro down the aisle murmuring things to himself. I took his hands and decided to wait for my brother and Uno at the side entrance. When they came, we went out together.

I asked the boys to pose in front of the Avatar poster and beside the MTRCB Rated PG sign. A Kodak moment for the first time movie goers.

We didn’t actually plan to see Avatar. We went to the mall for a specific reason. And though we somehow missed some fun for not having it on 3D, I guess the boys enjoyed their first time inside the movie house.

As the Chinese and the Russians jumped into the Avatar fray, my only take in this multi-billion enterprise is that, it’s Uno and Jed’s first movie date ever.



  1. I’m glad avatar became an important milestone in your life. i thought you went for the 3D version. but it’s just the same, maybe next time when the kids are more aware of the cinematic environment.

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