First Flood


My sister and her friend walked for four hours from Ortigas to Pasay City last Saturday. They couldn’t take the MRT because it stopped its operation. They waded knee length floods along EDSA and when they reached home, more floods welcomed them. Our house in Pasay City experienced its first flood ever.

On the same day, our school helper texted me and said that my classroom was one of the rooms in our school used as temporary shelter for those who were affected by the flood. I didn’t get the details but I guess the creek at the back of our school overflowed. Our school was flooded but its two and three-story buildings can be used for this kind of emergency. I’ve been in the service for a long time but this was the first time our school was flooded like this.

Today’s headlines are full of sad stories. At this time, there are those who are still waiting for rescue and I hope help and assistance are on its way. Regular TV and radio programs continuously air updates. The most heartbreaking images are those of drenched and mud-covered children. My heart goes out to those who lost their love ones.

We are again in our ‘bayanihan’ mode and those who were spared have wasted no time to help the victims.

The video was taken last Saturday around 11:00 in the morning in Cavite. My sons were beside me and even sang ‘rain, rain, go away.’ Little did I know that at that time, ‘Ondoy’ was wreaking havoc in the metropolis.


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  1. I hope di pinasok ng tubig bahay nyo sa pasay. Sampaloc is always flooded and i remember the flooded nights when i have to trek home from PUP Sta Mesa.

    My prayers are with all the unfortunate victims of this crisis.

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