1989 March 21 2009

Music: G. Verdi’s Triumphal March from ‘Aida’

PNU under the blue sky

March 21, 2009. Barely six hours before the 101st Commencement Exercises, I passed by the PNU quadrangle on my way to see our professor to submit my research proposal. There were quiet a number of people but mostly graduate students. The usual Saturday crowd of undergrads were not around. The obvious center of the PNU universe was the quadrangle.

redcarpetThis is the nearest that I can get to the red carpet

the entranceThe marchers will proudly enter here

behind the squaresThe view from the third floor

not empty laterThe perfect alignment

almost thereThe teasing red carpet

expensive chairsSpecial chairs for the academic royalties

peekabooI can see you! And i know what you do 🙂

anotherviewStill so quiet


March 21, 1989. Less than an hour before the 81st Commencement Exercises began, one of the graduates was so excited. Her father and her sisters were with her. Her mother missed this event because she wasn’t feeling well.

tina cos and meBembot (right) and her sisters, Tina and Coset

tatay, me and cosetThe proud father (left) of the graduate

cris, carol and meWith friends Criselda Blurete and Carol Cuartero

me me me!The graduate holding her call card marching to the tune of the classic…

where on earth is the blogger??Waiting for the great moment

time of my pnu life Hello diploma!

Wishful Thinking. I hope to give you another graduation tour next year, in the 102nd Commencement as I march to the famous processional hymn, walk on the red carpet, get up on the stage and fulfill one of my dreams 🙂



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