What’s in a name

November 21, 2010: From Shift+F7 to BEMBOTZKI and now Crammery Juice. Still semi-chronicling the life of a pseudo-punctually challenged mom, crammer, and a work in progress.

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bembot-1-yr-old-sa-baclaranThe blog known as Shift+F7 [Random thoughts under the milky slash fiery twilight] is now BEMBOTZKI. From my other nickname Bembot. Very few people call me Bembot. There’s one at work who happens to go by the name of Bebot, some of my cousins, aunts and uncles. My siblings and my mother seldom call me Bembot. Uno and Jed are still clueless about it.

I asked again my mother why I was given such a nickname. She pointed to my father and said she had no idea why he picked the name. I didn’t get to ask my father about it when he was still alive. Sayang…

I know its time to re-acquaint with the name because I can’t remember the last time I wrote Bembot in a piece of paper or when I typed it on keyboard.





  1. bembot.. bembot.. bembot… yan di mo lang siya itytype, ipapabasa ko pa po siya sayo… ahehe…

    oo nga eh, nagulat ako… bakit bembotzki na to? mali ata ako ng pasok.. ahehe.. buti na lang nabasa ko agad….

    advice: totoo yan, may mga tawag sayo na minsan hahanapin mo rin pala.. cheers;p-glesy the great

  2. glesy the great! glesy the great! glesy the great!

    nung makalawa nang nakita ako ng kapitbahay namen ang sabi ‘ay si ate bembot pala!’ tapos kaninang umaga, sinabi ng nanay ko ang pangalan ko ng malutong na malutong ‘naliligo pa si bembot!’ haha

    nung college kase nagsimulang magtago ang ‘bembot’ pero manaka-naka pa ring sumisilip sa ibat-ibang pagkakataon hehe

    salamat sa pagbisita, glesy 🙂

  3. hehehe bembot . . . bembot . . . weird name for you. i can’t imagine calling you bembot pero your right nakakamiss to hear how people close to our heart call us. when i was young people in the house call me baby then as i grow older it became beh.now no one calls me baby.and i miss not the name but the people calling me baby.some of them are gone now, some wont call me baby anymore.

  4. madam evf, i didn’t know that you were once called baby :-). as long as the memories of the people who once called you baby are in your heart, you always have something to smile about

    sige pag nagkitakits uli tayo tatawagin kitang aling baby haha

  5. Hi! Good day. I happened to search my nickname and dropped to your page. Actually, I am surprised because we have the same nickname “Bembot”,however, I am male. I was born in SurigaO City and raised in Cebu City. How funny, we have similar experience of hiding our nickname from school community for the reason of fear from being teased. I was so interested to find the meaning of this name “bembot” until somebody told me that the name bears negative connotation in English which means beautiful but no brain. they pronounce it as “bimbo”. Anyway, there’s is more about the name. God reserves the meaning for us to define it according to what we are and what we do. HE LOVES US FOR WHO WE ARE NO MATTER WHAT WE DO.

  6. Hi Eric! I just had a brief conversation with the only person who calls me Bembot at work. Well, we have a very unique name. I didn’t actually hide it, its just I used my full name Julieta in school from the very beginning and it branched out to Juliet, Julie and now Jules. I always associate the name with my childhood minus the negative connotation. I’m officially known as Julieta (plus its shorter versions) but the Bembot in me is still there and its always young at heart.

    Did you ask your parents about your nickname?

    Thanks for dropping by! Have a great day 😉

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