This is what Edessa Ramos has to say about “tubaw”:

The “tubaw” is the hand-woven bandanna of the people of Southern Philippines. Its varied designs and multiple uses represent the diversity of people, as well as the intertwining of lives on earth. Its colors celebrate the power of the people in history – they who were once conquered but have triumphed, who struggled and have overcome, who are poor in material wealth but are rich in knowledge and spirit, who bravely seek new horizons and reach unknown shores. It is also a testimony to the endurance and nobility of its weavers – the women. They who have the power to soothe, to heal, to empower, to change what is unjust.

Just like the power of words.

Because of this power, I chose to be a writer.

I used to have a tubaw and this is what I have to say…




In Luzon… Puerto Princesa City, Palawan


Vizayas… Lapulapu City, Cebu [dito tayo unang nanalo sa NSPC :-)]


and in Mindanao… Gen. Santos City

At dahil ikaw ang bida dito ang masasabi ko lang ay.. take a bow, Tubaw 🙂



  1. the Tubaw must have had a premonition even before it came here. It knows it has to be with someone who dearly needs it’s company.

    thanks for the tubaw Jules!

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