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My first and last Eraserheads live experience happened more than a decade ago in a university campus ground with my sisters. It was back in those days when they still do campus tours. With them were Yano and The Youth. It was also my first time to witness moshing. My sisters and I were in the safe side, thank God. I wonder if Cristina, one of my sisters, still has the tape of the Eresehead’s first album, UltraElectroMagneticPop!

I saw Ely Buendia with his new band, Pupil, years ago at the Metropoint Mall in Pasay City. I didn’t get to hear them because I was just passing by on my way to another appointment. So when I saw him, I stayed for a few minutes and simply stared at him as he talked with his band mates. Its like eternity. He was wearing an all black attire with black shades, his face was flawless.

When I told my brother that we should watch their March 07, 2009 concert, dubbed as The Final Set, he answered we won’t be able to see or hear them. Because the Gold and Silver tickets are way beyond my budget and its only the Bronze ticket that I can afford haha!

So on the 7th of this month, all Eraserheads’ fans road lead to MOA Concert grounds. Who knows I might be there…

What is your favorite Eraserheads song??

* UltraElectroMagneticPop! (1993)

1. “Easy Ka Lang” (Buendia)
2. “Maling Akala” (Buendia/Marasigan)
3. “Pare Ko” (Buendia)
4. “Shake Yer Head” (Buendia)
5. “Ganjazz” (Buendia/Adoro/Marasigan/Zabala/Bacasmas)
6. “Toyang” (Buendia/Adoro)
7. “Ligaya” (Buendia)
8. “Tindahan Ni Aling Nena” (Buendia)
9. “Honky-Toinks Granny” (Adoro)
10. “Shirley” (Buendia/Marasigan)
11. “Walang Hiyang Pare Ko” (Buendia)
12. “Combo on the Run” (Buendia/Marasigan)

* Circus (1994)

1. “Bato”
2. “Sembreak”
3. “Alapaap”
4. “Hey Jay”
5. “Minsan”
6. “Punk Zappa”
7. “Insomya”
8. “With A Smile”
9. “Alkohol”
10. “Wishing Wells”
11. “Kailan”
12. “No Royalty Album Filler No. 9”
13. “Magasin” Buendia
14. “Butterscotch”
15. “Sa Wakas”
16. “Prof. Banlaoi’s Transcendental Medication After Every Six Months (or Punk Zappa Three)”

* Cutterpillow (1995)

1. “Superproxy”
2. “Back2Me”
3. “Waiting for the Bus”
4. “Fine Time”
5. “Kama Supra”
6. “Overdrive”
7. “Slo Mo”
8. “Torpedo”
9. “Huwag Mo Nang Itanong”
10. “Paru-Parong Ningning”
11. “Walang Nagbago”
12. “Poorman’s Grave”
13. “Yoko”
14. “Fill Her”
15. “Ang Huling El Bimbo”
16. “Cutterpillow”
17. “Overdrive (Finale)”

* Fruitcake (1996)

1. Fruitcake
2. Shadow
3. Flat Tire
4. Shadow Boxes Accountants
5. Gatekeeper
6. Old Fashioned Christmas Carol
7. Styrosnow
8. Trip to Jerusalem
9. Shadow Reads The News Today, Oh Boy
10. Fruit Fairy
11. The Fabulous Baker Boy
12. Lord Of The Rhum
13. Lightyears
14. Christmas Ball
15. Mono Virus
17. Rise and Shine
18. Santa Ain’t Comin’ No Mo’
19. Christmas Party
20. Hitchin’ A Ride
21. Christmas Morning
22. Merry Christmas Everybody

* Sticker Happy (1997)


1. “Prologue”
2. “Futuristic”
3. “Kaliwete”
4. “Milk And Money”
5. “Bogchi Hokbu”
6. “Maalalahanin”
7. “Balikbayan Box”
8. “Andalusian Dog”
9. “Ha Ha Ha”
10. “Downtown”
11. “Kananete”
12. “Hard To Believe”
13. “Everything They Say”
14. “Spoliarium”
15. “Ambi Dextrose”
16. “Para Sa Masa”
17. “Sticker Happy”
18. “Tapsilogue”

* Natin ’99 (1999)

1. “Sinturong Pangkaligtasan”
2. “Dahan Dahan”
3. “Kahit Ano”
4. “Sino Sa Atin”
5. “Maselang Bahaghari”
6. “Tama Ka”
7. “May Sumasayaw”
8. “Peace It Together”
9. “Salamin”
10. “Popmachine”
11. “Kilala”
12. “Huwag Kang Matakot”
13. “Southsuperhighway”
14. “68 Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave.”
15. “Game! Tama Na!”

* Carbon Stereoxide (2001)

1. “Ultrasound”
2. “Maskara”
3. “How Far Will U Go”
4. “Bloodtest”
5. “Wala”
6. “Hula”
7. “Photo Synth”
8. “Palamig”
9. “Out Of Sight”
10. “Super Vision”
11. “Paint Stripper”
12. “Escalator Alligator” – 1:14
13. “Playground” – 4:12
14. “Omnesia” – 4:14
15. “OK Comprende” – 0:27
16. “Pula” – 5:26
17. “Outside” – 5:32
18. “Acid Eyes” – 0:19

Here are some of my favorites, performed during their first reunion concert in August 2008.

They were not able to perform Ang Huling El Bimbo during the concert. I’m sure that on Saturday, they’ll be able to sing this classic song.



  1. Hi Jules…alam mo bang sila ang lagi ko pinapakinggan tuwing sabado dito sa kuwarto ko. Musika nila ang nagpapaalala sa akin sa Pinas. At tuwing may party musika nila sa karaoke ang kinakanta ko palagi., syempre paborito ko ang LIGAYA!!!!! “walang humpay na ligaya.”

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