Madam P. told me to go with her inside the office because she’s going to show me something. Its about Barack Obama and it was given to her by her sister who just arrived from the US for a short visit. She said her niece, the daughter of her sis,  is head over heels over their president. I was thinking it must be “Dreams from My Father.” Oi, makaka-read yata ako ng libre hehe. Nyek hindi pala! Its TIME collector’s edition of Obama’s life and career in captivating photos. From his childhood to his ascend to the White House before the inauguration.

From the Obama Canon

As far as Obama’s own literary output, the panelists agreed that “Dreams from My Father” was a work of great merit, while “The Audacity of Hope” was more of a hack job. There were dark suggestions, though, that “Dreams from my Father” also betrayed evidence of self-censorship, pandering, and other clues that Obama had written it in order to position himself for his future Presidential campaign. Sitting next to me in the audience, my fiancée thought that they had the question exactly backwards. “I think he became President in order to increase his book sales,” she said.


Senator Joker Arroyo on the secret VFA document: “We’re being beaten black and blue, and yet we’re still smiling.”

Secret VFA paper bared – From the Philippine Daily Inquirer


Of course, the joke is not only on us. What made the Greeks laugh by Mary Beard

In the third century BC, when Roman ambassadors were negotiating with the Greek city of Tarentum, an ill-judged laugh put paid to any hope of peace. Ancient writers disagree about the exact cause of the mirth, but they agree that Greek laughter was the final straw in driving the Romans to war.



  1. i kinda agree with joker, nature yata nating pinoy na laging nakangiti kahit tinatadyakan na. sign yata yun ng inferiority eh kasi kung sign of hospitality pa rin yun ang tatanga naman natin di ba?

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