A video and two messages

pict0933This message appeared after I received a text message from a friend last Saturday. My phone relies on its built-in memory. Its not capable of storing too many images, applications and messages. I use it mainly for calling and texting. I also get to use the FM radio whenever I take a long commute going to work. The only video file stored in my phone is Uno and Jed’s footage when they were both less than 2 and 1 inside a crib making fun at each other. This is my phone’s ultimate treasure. Pag sinabi ng mommy na treasure, treasure period! My phone has been dropped accidentally several times, lost and found once or twice, used as a toy by Uno and Jed a million times and it never failed me.

There are more than a hundred messages on my phone right now. As I delete many of them, I’ll also keep some messages. To bring me sunshine on rainy days.

There’s one that I’ve been keeping for awhile now, and here’s another one that I received only recently which will keep it company.

How about you? Does your phone keep a treasure? Does it bring you sunshine on rainy days?


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