After Class


The silence of the crowd at the lobby of the PNU Library was noticeable. They were seated in rows facing the right side of the hall as if  waiting for a ceremony to begin and most of them were holding a piece of paper. As I proceeded to the elevator I noticed some ladies, usherettes I guess, were talking quietly with each other. Then later, I saw the sign and smiled. No wonder they’re quiet 🙂 .

I also would  like to share with you some shots that I took on my way out last Saturday after my class.

pict0238Its ten past one, do you agree?

pict0240Where were you when I was an undergrad?

pict0243Give me five feathered friends!

pict0248What’s your favorite color?

pict0253Up to the ceiling down to the floor…

pict0254The main entrance

pict0257Historically speaking

By the way, last Saturday’s lesson was this 🙂 and its very interesting.



  1. Wow Philippine Normal University.

    Hu hu hu. I miss my favorite school. Its been more than a year since i last visited Manila.

    Can you please tell whats the new in this school. Hows Mr. Dacanay? My teacher in MA in Measurement in Evaluation

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