LRT Moments


I’m a regular Light Railways Transit (LRT) commuter on Saturdays. From Pasay City (EDSA) to Manila (United Nations) and vice-versa, it usually takes less than 30 minutes.  If I don’t take the train, I’d probably reach my destination on the next day.  Bag inspection is routine (no inspection, no ride) and because I carry a backpack and a shoulder bag, I have mastered the art of smooth bag opening and closing for the guards/inspectors,  plus the mantra  “they’re just doing their job, and they’re not trying to delay anyone.”

My rides were uneventful. I have not encountered pickpockets or any bad elements while on the train. And because I only take a ride on Saturdays, LRT rush hour stories are uncommon to me.

Below are videos that I took on my way to EDSA from UN Avenue last Saturday. When I entered the LRT, it was pretty crowded and I was the last one to get in. I was able to get some footage facing west when we reached Quirino Avenue.

Announcing the arrival…

Quirino Avenue to Vito Cruz

pict0273The train approaching the end of the line in Baclaran



  1. Wow… reminscin’ time for me! I used to take the LRT everyday going to work when I was back there. I would start in Blumentritt Station and end up in Baclaran station. It’s almost an hour commute for me everyday.

    And mind you… i’ve seen and been a victim of pickpockets and snatchers. Such is life in LRT… specially in Baclaran and Monumento.

    It’s so nice to see it again after 6 years and i’m glad to see that it’s being maintained well. Thanks for sharing the pictures and videos.

  2. So it’s like a ride down the memory lane ha, Em 🙂

    A day without LRT is like a nightmare for a lot of commuters. And like other means of public transport, its not perfect.

    When you get back, be sure to take a ride on the LRT.

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