The Day George the Laptop Stood Still

A lot of people I know started 2009’s first working day [January 5 ] with a bang. Everybody seemed in the fifth gear going to sixth and were obviously back in juggling mode slash multi-tasking again. Last week, in between classroom assignments and missing The Boys of Reason, I was in a five-day training-workshop as member ofΒ  the technical team, went to an inter-agency office to conduct some business, visited anΒ  unfamiliar street in a familiar place to meet two awesome kids, took home a box full of surprises from Bato-Bato-Pik, gave an informal lesson on desktop publishing to a colleague, and for a brief moment was extremely tensed because George the Laptop went kaput after I started lay-outing the newsletter (for the training) I was assigned to do. That was last Friday.

A computer technician was called upon to fix the problem. The best thing that he could do was transfer the files that I needed using MS-DOS commands. My Vista installer was at home and while he was transferring my files, he gave a sound advice that every tech guy gives: back up your files religiously expecially if you’re doing a very important work because things happen when you least expected it.

When I got home, after I gently kissed the sleeping Uno and Jed, I opened the laptop, put the installer and utterred a silent prayer. In less than an hour, George the Laptop smiled again. My guardian angels must have heard my distress calls.

im005612The tech tinkering George with MS-DOS

im005622As of this time, George is as good as new

I know I can still trust George the Laptop but I’ve learned my lessons. Have a great week everybody! πŸ™‚



  1. horray for George!!! He’s like a cat… he got 12 lives…hehe.

    my new year is also cramp with worries and stress in work. There’s alot of changes going through our company that i’m actively participating in and it’s stressing me big time. Plus out of all the hula balu…an opportunity came up which made my already confused mind to the next level of confusion. Anyway, the year of the oxen really started with one big bang for me. I’m sensing that more challenges are on my way.

    Hope yours will bring as many opportunities as you can possibly handle…. πŸ™‚

  2. he’s a cat in his own right hehe tama lang yon dahil ako ay isang pusaway hehe

    the hands that push the pen, bang the keyboard, plus all the other back to work cliche… haha pasalamat at may trabaho dahil kung wala… eh di sleeping all the time sa pansitan haha

    as always, for every challenge there’s an opportunity πŸ™‚

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