I Heart You Boys

dboyswacandgatzFrom left: Althea, Agatha, Jed and Uno

I left when you were taking a nap and while I was on my way here, Nanay texted me and said that you’re looking for mommy. Around 9 in the evening she texted me again saying the same thing and I told her that when you go to bed, be sure to put Mama Bear and Papa Bear beside you. I miss you but I have to go for a while. Jed, I miss your ‘mommy, mommy’ and naughty smiles. Uno, I miss your ‘lav lang’ and sweet kisses. I’ll be back on Friday. And while I’m away, enjoy your ABC, toycars, Tomdili [Tom and Jerry], Ben Ten, Pamandi [Spiderman], TV commercials, Nanay’s TLC, Lola Impo’s gentle touch, Mama Tina’s hotcakes, Ninang Cosette’s dance intructions, Daddy Bob’s cuddle, Tita Anet’s brush-your-teeth rituals, Tita Meme’s wash-your-face calls, and AC&Gatz company. Good boys always!



  1. Awwww… they will surely miss you. No doubt about that but they will also be looked after with as much love…. until you come back again bursting with love and affection.

    Looks like you left your heart in Cavite…. as the song goes…

    “I left my heart in San Cavite
    High on a hill, it calls to me
    To be where little boys climb halfway to the stars
    The morning fog may chill the air, I don’t care …”

  2. i just called them earlier, em and they got so excited with the magic words: ‘pupunta tayo sa jollibee ha’. Uno replied ‘opo, mommy’ but jed seemed preoccupied with other things πŸ™‚

    lovely lines from a great song πŸ™‚ na-miss ko tuloy sila lalo

  3. thanx! mukha lang kambal pero si uno is 3 while jed is 2. cute ang mga junakees kase cute ang ina nila haha

    hayaan mo ateng, maghahanap ako ng pinsan na pwedeng candidate for the improvement of the race haha

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