Post-holiday jottings

Two more days to enjoy the holidays. On Monday, my daily grind will begin very early because I need to be in a training. I won’t be a participant but someone who will document the proceedings. Welcome back, work! I expect to hear some beginning of the year motivation and goal settings plus catching up with hows-your-holidays updates with friends.

But for now, I’m still at home enjoying the remains of the holidays. The weather today according to PAGASA is 18°C, that is interpreted as ‘cold’ and I like it. Much like Baguio City during summer.

im005009The sun… now you see him,

im004996now you don’t…

im005014At the breakfast table. But I didn’t eat any because…

im005011my breakfast is Tina’s chicken and macaroni salad, a  holiday bestseller 🙂

My favorite shots of the day: Uno and Jed’s hands on mine





  1. wow! delicious breakfast! But where is the pandesal?

    It’s good that you’re having a well deserved vacation from work. I’m sure you’ll feel renewed and inspired to go and continue nurturing the minds of our future.

  2. Kapatid babati lang ako sayo at ngayon lang ako natapos sa aking blog. naglipat kasi ako ng server.

    May you and your family have a very blessed Christmas (actually pasko pa) and may the Lord guide you through this new year.

    All the best in 2009!

    Pax et Bonum

    PS. ang sarap nung salad. peborit ko rin chicken macaroni salad

  3. wow! new year, new server :- bumisita nga ko sa blog mo at obvious naman na naging busy ang kuya panjeet.

    i also wish you the best of 2009

    pag dating sa lutuan, yang kapatid kong yan ang panlaban namen kaya ang salad di lang mukhang masarap, talagang delicious sya

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