George D. Pcsetuool

george1Before I acquired George, I’ve had two desktops at home. I disposed my last desktop in 2005 and it was only last year that I was able to get my own laptop. George, aka Presario C700 / sn-CND7382 / pn-GS091PA#UUF, is one year old today. It once fell from the top bunk of a double-deck bed but its only damage was a minor one, the protruded ESC key and its still working. Its a bit slow now in booting up because a lot of programs were installed but when its running, its really dependable.

When I first introduced to my sons, it was George that I used. Now my eldest, who is three years old and very familiar with the letters of the alphabet, navigates the TouchPad with ease. Since I don’t use a mouse, my son has no idea how to use one.

It operated on Windows XP before but I changed to Vista Starter when an error occurred. I reformatted its hard disk only once and I lost some valuable data. It was my fault because I didn’t keep a back up. Now I always have something in case of emergency, including first aid.

George D. Pcsetuool. Pcsetuool stands for “portable computer small enough to use on one’s lap.” Aside from “Happy Birthday, George” that’s the other title that I can think of on this special day.


George with Tiny Bear



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