Teachers’ Day Moments

The difference between this year and last year’s clebrations were the number of participants in the school program conducted in the morning, the noise generated by the players during the games in the afternoon and the  sheer enthusiasm of  winners in the classroom Christmas decor competition. This year’s JSES-Teacher’s Day celebration held on December 5 got more pupil participants because two dance number per grade level were required;  the noise was louder because  pupils were asked to show their wits and creativity to outdo each other;  and two major winners came from Grade I.

As for me, this year’s celebration was meaningful because I haven’t been a class adviser for the past 9 years. Teachers who don’t handle advisory classes in our school are called “floating or special teachers” because they have other school assignments instead of having an advisory class. As “the full-time  mother” of  61 grade five pupils, I reacquainted myself with the joy and pain of being an adviser. There were countless joys and the occasional pain came in the form of writing 61 report cards plus other documents in every quarter, keeping and filing pertinent monthly records for each of them, and  mediating petty quarrels on a daily basis. Oops, thats part of my job, really. So the ‘pain’ equals ‘gain’

I know,  I’m lucky compared to those who face more challenging classroom situations and there are many of them. But still, I must tell you that having 61 pupils is no walk in the park 🙂 * Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader Theme Song plays *

im004641Its a ‘You Can Write Anything On The Board Day’

im004579Three stars of V-Mercury

im0045801Boys from grade three

im004582Another three but this time from grade four

im0045941Five smile from grade six

im004619Grade five’s Mr and Ms Claus dancing seriously?

im004620A member of the JSES Drum and Lyre Band

im004634The little drummer boys

im004645“Let it Snow” – First Place in the classroom Christmas decoration contest
Click the thumbnail to see the interior of the room


Snowhite and the seven wishes – Second Place

im0046501Do you see the hanging Christmas tree of VI-Turquoise?

geAnd what is a special day without gifts and greetings?

One particular gift was sent to me by a dear friend who used to an instructor in an academy where they prepare professionals to be air navigation specialists. She’s an engineer by profession and obviously never handled gradeschoolers like me. She once expressed a desire to be in my position… just for a day haha!

To all those who made my teachers’ day memorable, the parents, the principal, my pupils and friends, thank you, thank you.. and allow me to share this wonderful gift with you 🙂



  1. We celebrate everything on a higher level there back home. We never run out of ways to celebrate even if we are financially limited. I love our creativity and insatiable resourcefulness which intensity increases even in the most unlikely situations. It’s something I am always proud of as pinoy. I miss our school programs every christmas or any holiday. We may have everything here in this foreign land but the spirit is lacking.

    I congratulate you as a teacher and you may never know how much impact you have to the many lives that you have touched. But rest asured that you have done humanity a great favor. sleep tight… and wake proud.

  2. Wow happy teachers day mommy jules. Ang dami mo pupils. 61? How you handle them everyday is truly beyond me. We need more teachers like you.

    I like the pics you took. Mahilig ka din pala mommy sa photography.

    Everytime I see children pose for a pic napapangiti ako. How innocent and simple children are..

  3. hi jules,
    Thanks for sharing the special event that you had during the Teachers Day. As I am looking at those pictures, there was a regret in my heart kung bakit ko pa iniwan ang sumulong pero alam mo naman ang dahilan, ang kumita ng malaki laki para mabuhay..hay, naku… kung bakit kasi napaka materialistic ng mundo natin. Until now, nasa period pa rin ako ng adjustment, akala ko ng mapunta ako dito, it was already a bed of roses pero hindi rin pala, ganun pa rin ang buhay mas masaklap pa kasi mas napalayo pa ako sa aking pamilya… i miss the kids of sumulong, the parents and teachers who left a good memory in my heart. To all of you have a merry merry xmas! God Bless!

  4. ay naku kuya panjeet, if there are only enough teachers in our grade level, i won’t be handling 61 pupils

    malapit ng kunin ni lord ang camera ko haha madami nga ‘kong namiss na shots. i’m glad you like them

    imagine the great possibility behind each smile plus the fact that we make a lasting difference in their lives..

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