Parts of Speech

I finally completed Schoolhouse Rock’s Parts of Speech from Youtube. Completed downloading, that is. And I’ll convert the files from FLV to MPG so I can insert each file to my PowerPoint slides depending on the topic of the day. I first heard about the videos when a friend told me about it because her daughter enjoyed one animated video very much. When we opened our eLearning lab last week for a dry run, I knew I needed to find available materials for my class. What a joy to know that YouTube stores videos that I can use to motivate my pupils to learn important skills.


Here are simple instructions on how to download and convert YouTube videos.



  1. I love schoolhouse rock! they use music to get the attention of kids and it works because it even got my attention. There is always a kid in us…its the power behind our imagination.

    Did your class enjoy the learning videos?

    Someday you will be able to do those videos on your own. Looking forward to that!!!

  2. they enjoyed mr morton’s video, em. when i gave a quiz, they were able to answer the questions correctly.

    we’re taking small steps em. technology intergration in our sector is not as easy as abc. the challenge keeps us going 😉

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