Educational Technology@PNU


This is my final semester before I write a formal report in the field of educational technology that will culminate the course. The two subjects that I’m enrolled in are equally exciting as others that I took last semester. I’ll tell you more about my EdTech journey that started in 2003 in my future posts. For now, let me just tell you what Educational Technology@PNU is all about.


The Master in Educational Technology (MET) is a curriculum for the practice of educational technology to structure and systematize the application of present day technologies to educational processes and to provide guidance for its use in learning environment.

The entire MET curriculum covers all aspect of educational processes for classroom practices (lesson planning; strategizing; developing instructional materials; developing learning activities; assessment and evaluation) to the development of student’s competencie  through collaboration to various educational resources/content experts beyond the walls of the classroom. This sets the stage for effective learning as educators find the “right fit” between technology and pedagogy.


The Master in Educational Technology (MET) aims to produce graduates who are able to:

  • Gain clear understanding of pedagogical perpective of curriculum-technology integration;
  • Apply appropriate teaching practices of curriculum-rechnology integration
  • Acquire the tecnological know-how in developing instructional materials  appropriate for a specific instructional methodology/strategy
  • Develop skill in designing and implementing technologically-enable eudcational assessment and evaluation
  • Develop the educational management competencies necessary to design and implement an ICT-enabled school environment
  • Establish personal aspirations for continous competency development that may lead to further educational innovations; and
  • Enrich the curriculum-technology integration through experience and practice.

CURRICULAR OFFERING – Master in Educational Technology (42 units)

A. Core Courses (9 units)
Educ. 501 – Philosophy of Education
Educ. 502 – Educational Statistics
Educ. 503 – Research and Scientific Writing

B. Required Courses (20 units)
Ed Tech 500 – Knowledge Management in Education
Ed Tech 501 – Teaching, Learning and Collaboration throught Educational Technology
Ed Tech 502 – Fundamentals of Appropriate Teaching and Learning Practices
Ed Tech 503 – Instructional Material Design and Development (Print)
Ed Tech 504 – Instructional Material Design and Development II (Still Picture)
Ed Tech 505 – Instructional Material Design and Development III (Animated Picture)
Ed Tech 506 – Integrated Learning Environment: Reinventing the Library to Knowledge
Activity Center
Ed Tech 507 – Communication and Culture in Contemporary Life

Elective Courses (9 units)
Ed Tech 508 – Technology for Teaching and Learning for Early Childhood Education
Ed Tech 509 – Technology for Teaching and Learning in Math and Science
Ed Tech 510 – Technology in English Communication Arts Teaching
Ed Tech 511 – Technology in Social Studies
Ed Tech 512 – Technology in Teaching Physical Education and Health
Ed Tech 513 – Interaction and Collaboration Beyond the Classroom

Ed Tech 514 – E-Testing Techniques and Implementation
Ed Tech 515 – Math Literacy Progress Assessment
Ed Tech 516 – Reading Readiness and Progress Assessment

Educational Management Application
Ed Tech 517 – Educational Management in an UCT-enabled Environment
Ed Tech 518 – ICT-enabled Educational Project Management
Ed Tech 519 – Planning for ICT enabled School Environment
Ed Tech 520 – Human Resources Management and DEvelopment in the Academia

C. Terminal Course (4 units)
Ed Tech 550 – Special Project


I know this semester is going to be exciting not only because I met other future edtech practitioners and will be collaborating to achieve our common goals, but it also makes me two steps closer to my dream.


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