Of history, books and somewhere in Japan


The African slaves who provided most of the labor that built the White House never imagined that a black man would ever own embossed stationery that read “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.” Even the dreamer himself, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., might not have imagined that 40 short years after his murder, we would be planning an Inauguration of the first man of African descent to ascend to the presidency. No minority of any ethnicity had ever looked beyond the scarce representation of a few Senators and seen anything that suggested that the doorknob of the Oval Office could be opened by anything other than the hand of a middle-aged white male.

T.D. Jakes [Time.com]



I started reading Alex Haley’s Roots shorty after I gave birth to Jodrian Alexander. But my mother reprimanded me and told me that I should be resting and not reading a thick paperback. So I put the book back to the shelf. That was two years ago. Now its time to get the book, dust it and open the dog-eared pages.

I’ve read Alice Walker’s The Color Purple and Possessing the Secret of Joy. The former decades ago and the latter when I was embarking into a new life.  Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Paradise are in my booklist but it was thru her other work, Song of Solomon that I discovered her greatness in storytelling.


A lot of people around the globe are in celebratory mood and they should be. This one from Japan is one of the coolest that I’ve seen.



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