Less than a degree of separation

Its less than six degrees of separation. This afternoon I met someone who knows someone I know. We are both less than a degree separated from the person we know. This is the third time that I met someone who knows the one I know.

We set the date yesterday. I was reminded again this morning and the finality was arranged. On my way to the designated place, my patience was tested by the sea of slow moving vehicles along the express way. It almost looked like a virtual parking lot because of the on going road construction that has been going on for a hundred years.

I wasn’t familiar with the place but I managed to reach it. After waiting for a few minutes, we saw each other. We briefly exchanged some words and found the person very pleasant. And we said goodbye.

On my way home, I passed by a historic place – St. Joseph Parish, the home of the Las Pinas Bamboo Organ-saw a lot of Pinoy Christmas lanterns on display along the road, and heard the jeepeney driver telling the man beside him the story about the first Christmas.   

Before going home, I dropped by a fastfood and ordered a float. I wondered why I didn’t ask the person whom I met earlier for a snack. I thought of two things: 1. the person seemed in a hurry; and 2. I was in a hurry. 

It took me a long time to finish the float. There were few people in the dining area and I noticed a man sitting alone on a bench. Because his outfit was very attractive, I took a shot. Do you think he’s attractive?

I doubt if the idea of six degrees of separation is right for this post. But I know there is something about it that fits the event today. Meeting someone who knows someone I know but haven’t met yet, was indeed exciting. Albeit briefly, the experience  somehow gave me a personal peek at the person whom I stumbled upon almost a year ago.



  1. The concept of six degrees of separation is quite interesting. I had a chat with my niece early in the morning when i logged on and caught her on line. There were many questions asked and some more questions that should’ve have planned but no time to really think about. The prospect of meeting is itself a source of confusion and euphoria… and that plunging into it is a desperate attempt to be a step closer to dream.

    i’m glad you meet people that are close to my heart. It makes you and me more real…hehe.

    and like the song Far away says… “It would be so fine to see your face at my door, Doesn’t help to know you’re just time away”. or six steps away!

    and for the guy sitting alone on the bench… he sure looks so fine. 🙂 you should’ve sat beside him and keep him company while you finish your float…hehe.

  2. hay naku em…

    na-excite talaga ko meeting your niece. very courteous at kamukha mo, maganda din hehe 🙂

    oo nga more real hehe as if di totoo si jules at si em 🙂 both pigments of their imagination that exist only in pixels

    si ronald alaskador naman ang ngiti nyan!

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