Uno turns Tres

When he was born, I didn’t hear him cry. I was in labor for almost ten hours. As my firs born child, I really had a difficulty but I delivered him normally. Right after the delivery, he was brought to the neo-natal section of the nursery to be given a special care. He’s got a mild infection. I saw him the next day.  When I held him for the first time, he opened his eyes and looked at me and smiled. I saw the dimple on his right cheek. I was so happy and thankful that I could finally hold him.  He had a chubby face. He stayed in the nursery for a week and I went home. I visited him everyday. He’s always awake when I arrived and as I breasfed him, he fell asleep.  According to the nurses on duty, he’s one of the most behave babies in the nursery. At home, I couldn’t help but cry thinking about him and wondering who’s holding him.    

Today, John Benedict, aka Uno, celebrates his third birthday. He’s naughty but sweet. He can recite all the letters of the alphabet but says ‘choco-choco nana’ for ‘coconut banana’ in the ‘Fruit Salad’ nursery song. Although he is Kuya, Jed calls him baby. His favorite website is still and currently mastering the days of the week.


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sa Gwaping!!! He probably had a blast with his celebration! Specially the cake! It looks yummy and awesome!

    Wishing the big boy the best! May he grow up content to the knowledge that he is loved beyond words by his family and friends.

    Best wishes!

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