Kiss and Tell 101: Panglao Island, Bohol

It was past 9 in the morning when I kissed the Tagbilaran City wind. I was the last one to step down from the plane and my first photo of Bohol skyline from the tarmac of the airport was blocked by the plane’s left wing. The next shot was that of the tower facing the runaway. My other assignment for my Bohol trip was to meet a special someone who sometimes dwells in that tower. I’ll post another entry about that later. 😉

I was met immediately by my friend at the arrival area and after a brief transaction with an airline representative, we went immedietely to our venue. Hours later, I delivered the task assigned to me, and being familiar with the technical aspect of my duty, I was able to finish the job smoothly. The next day was was spent in the same venue assisting my friend. We successfully ended our task and looked forward for the next day’s RnR.

Panglao Island was our first destination. This is what Philippine Country Guide says about Panglao Island:

Panglao is a 4th class municipality in the province of Bohol, Philippines. It is an island situated in the Central Visayas, particularly located southwest of the island of Bohol and in the east of Cebu. Politically, it is divided into two municipalities: Dauis and Panglao, both Bohol Province. Panglao is well-known for its world class diving locations and many tourist resorts.

The island is one of the most diverse and attractive destinations in the Philippines. It is an anchor tourist destination and one of the 7,000 times more islands that make up the Philippine archipelago.It is a small island known for its quiet beach resorts and several great wide variety of dive sites. It has everything – the reefs, several kinds of corals, walls, big and small fishes, starfishes, and other life forms under the sea. You can find good snorkeling around the northwest and southeast coasts. This area is filled with lots of sea stars, sea snakes and corals. The area has been the center of seashell trade.

It is said that the Spanish explorers who came to this island in 1803 named it Panglao after the world ‘mapanglao’, meaning ‘lonesome place’. It is also one of the old towns of Bohol. It is of historical meaning that it was the place where the Spaniards went after an unfortunate experience in Cebu.

It was in Dumaluan Beach where I partly captured the beauty of Panglao Island. It was almost middle of the day and the temperature was rising. I didn’t mind. It was a perfect day to dream.

Lonesome me

My Waiting swing

Kayang-kaya mag kayak

Texting the waves

Invite me again

Enjoying the sun, the sea and the sand

Quitely dreaming

Perfect reason to endure the sun

Lost by the sea and found by me

Eternal shade



  1. Nothing like the feel of nature around you! Those pictures were truly inviting. I just love to gaze at the baby blue hues of the water and sky. they mirror each other…relaxing and inviting. I can feel myself in it … yes, someday.

    I’m glad that you were able to relax and enjoy the detoxing invitation of Bohol after a tedious task.

    thanks for sharing the pictures!

  2. its hypnotizing, em. sayang we were not able to stay longer in that place because we’ve only got one day to tour all the tourist spots of Bohol. anyway, i hope to be back in panglao island someday with uno and jed 🙂

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