October 14, 2006

I gave birth to a bouncy baby boy on October 14, 2006. When I had my first ultrasound months before my due date, the doctor couldn’t tell his gender. On the second attempt after a month, she told me that its a boy. Inside my tummy, the baby moved a lot. Napakalikot at ikot ng ikot.

I had an easy labor that day. I heard his first cry and tears rolled on my face. I thanked God for such a wonderful gift, for making me an instrument of His creation. The OB put him on top of my tummy but I couldn’t hold him because I was weak.

Hours later, before I could breastfed him, he was wailing so loud that a nurse in the nursery room had to sooth him. She gave me the baby and it was the first time I held him. It was also the time that I clearly saw him. Minus my eyeglasses at the delivery room, I was clueless about his looks. Noticeably was his skin color that he got from his father.

When he looked at me and gave me his first smile, I was the happiest mom in the whole universe.

The baby boy is you Jed, and today is your special day. It’s your second birthday. The way you call me mommie is so sweet and when you say ‘sowee’ when I’m playing upset is truly heartwarming. Sabi ni Nanay, napaka-bibo mo raw, ang dami ng alam. Love na love ka ni Ate AC, Ate Gats and Kuya Uno. Very sweet but knows how to get your way. Ayaw magpatalo sa kuya. Lahat ng nakikita sa TV gustong gayahin especially dancing.

As I write this, you’re still in bed probably dreaming your baby dreams. Today the sky is gray and its a bit drizzling. Its a Tuesday. You won’t remember this day but we’ll keep something to help you recall this special moment someday.


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  1. OH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the cutest guy in town! Is he turning two? I vividly remembering my kids 2nd birthdays and they were awesome!! Ako na ata pinakamasayang mommy! Although I had some scary times during my sons 2nd birthday because I know it’s time for his major surgery.

    May he have many many many more beautiful birthdays to come!! to be celebrated with those close to his heart.

    Please kiss him for me. thanks.

  2. he just turned two, em!

    moms like us couldn’t help but feel excited about our kids’ special day. mga stage mom ba naman!

    their birthdays will always remind us of our moments in the delivery room, feeling the pain only mothers can bear.

    being scared is part of motherhood. we have to deal with it and must be brave enough to carry on. i’m sure the challenge that you’ve encountered regarding your son made you stronger.

    jed got all the kisses that he deserved for his special day. thanks so much, em 😉

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