BFF at Coffee Dream-MOA

Benj told me last night that their favorite coffee shop at MOA was Coffee Dream. It was my first time to be with them here. The place was not as big as Starbucks but its cozy and gives air of intimacy. So in between cups of hot latte and cappuccino we talked about the weather and everything under the sun, the moon and stars. CD’s only demerit was its lack of WI-FI access. But who needs a WI-FI when you’re with your friends, right?

BFF Benj and Ms Edith

Beads and Coffee?

Bu-bye, Coffee Dream…

Someday I’ll take my other BFF here. She’s in another country but dreams of coming home. When she comes, she’ll definitely enjoy this cozy place. 🙂



  1. I loved comfy coffee shops!!! I found one here that is pure heaven. Starbucks has partnered with one of the known bookstore here and each bookstore has a starbucks inside. The place were fitted with couches, fireplaces, study nooks, etc. Every book lovers dream! Anyone can just get a book and read inside with a perfect cup of coffee (with a free wifi too).

    I definitely want to try that shop when i get my vacation back there.

    Thanks for sharing!

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