Field Demo

September 5, 2008 was a special day for grade five pupils of JSES. The children participated in the field demonstration showing the skills they learned from their MSEP (Music, Arts and PE) class in the first quarter of the school year. Under the supervision of their MSEP teacher, Mr. Neil Moreno, the event was witnessed by the school principal, parents and grade five teachers. The participants used improvised dumbells and hoolahoops, and the pupils themselves made their own accessories. Six sections participated and the best three presentations were given awards.



  1. congratulations for a work well done!!! Are they performing with a song accompaniment? If yes, what song is it? Does the teachers get to perform too?

    Very nice video! Thanks for sharing!

  2. They performed to the tune of a single musical accompaniment, remix version of Lisa Lisa’s ‘Lost in Emotion’.

    No, the teachers didn’t perform. But after the pupils’ performance, the principal said that teachers will have their number in next year’s field demo.

    Thank you Em 🙂

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