Two CDs

You can be a witness, you can be a prophet
You can make the whole world believe
Break the strongest fortress, change the way the world thinks
You can build a bridge where foes can meet
Hope for the future, shout it, don’t whisper
‘cos dreams are what we make them to be
There is hope in every heartbeat, tiny as it seems
You’re a beautiful seed

* Beautiful Seed *

So I’ll give you my heart and my song
In a world where so much is right
But so much is wrong
Your love is my beginning and I know it won’t be too long
Till I see you…

* Love Song for #1 *

Last night, my sister showed me the latest in her CD collection and told me, “Ate, bagay sa ‘yo ‘to.”  I’m familiar with the songs in Lite Rock collection so its the Corrinne May’s CD that I familiarized myself with. I first heard about her from my other sister. I remember her telling me that CM’s songs relaxes her. I thought she’s talking about instumental music but I was wrong.  

CD 1: Love That Could Have Been. But Could Never Be

In celebration of 20 years of Lite Rock, 96.3 WRocK draws inspiration from one of its warmly-received segments in Lite Rock history, which takes up love stories and love songs of real people, The Lite Rock Favorites Of The Week. Together with MCA Music, WRocK brings you 20 Lite Rock songs that interpret the unanswered, unresolved grey areas of falling in love: Why find someone only to lose him? Why does it feel so right yet so wrong? How can someone make you happy yet sad? Thus, Love That Could Have Been. But Could Never Be. The album comes in a specially designed scrapbook-type digipack.

Which phase are you in?

The First Phase is Meeting Him. Falling For Her.
So, you meet, you fall in love, what next?
Lite Rock At First Sight from James Morrison, Julianne, Emilia, K-Ci & Jojo and The Jets.

The Second Phase is Being A Couple.
So, you’re a couple now, you know this isn’t right, right?
Blissful Lite Rock from Alessi Brothers, Nelly, Wet Wet Wet, The Pussycat Dolls, Neil Sedaka, Atlantic Starr, Gino Vanelli.

The Third Phase is Having Problems.
So, you’re having problems, but you knew this would happen.
Torn Lite Rock from Rihanna, Lionel Richie, Lauren Christy, Elliott Yamin, Ne-Yo, Billy Preston.

The Fourth Phase is Deciding It’s Over.
So, it’s over. At least, you loved him and he loved you.
Letting Go Lite Rock from Brian McKnight and Rita Coolidge.

Would you rather go through it or not? Love, than to never know how it would have felt like with that person? Love That Could Have Been. But Could Never Be. 20 Lite Rock Songs Inspired by The Lite Rock Favorites Of The Week.In celebration of 20 Years Of Lite Rock.


1. You Give Me Something – James Morrison
2. Tulak Ng Bibig – Julianne
3. Kiss By Kiss – Emilia
4. All My Life – K-Ci & JoJo
5. You Got It All – The Jets
6. I Wish That I Was Making Love To You Tonight – Alessi Brothers
7. My Place – Nelly
8. Goodnight Girl – Wet Wet Wet
9. Stickwitu – The Pussycat Dolls
10. Laughter In The Rain – Neil Sedaka
11. Secret Lovers – Atlantic Starr
12. I Just Wanna Stop – Gino Vanelli
13. Unfaithful – Rihanna
14. I Call It Love – Lionel Richie
15. Steep – Lauren Christy
16. Wait For You – Elliott Yamin
17. So Sick – Ne-Yo
18. I’m Never Gonna Say GoodBye – Billy Preston
19. One Last Cry – Brian McKnight
20. I’d Rather Leave While I’m In Love – Rita Coolidge

In experiencing love that could have been but could never be, there are a lot of grays : love that’s neither here nor there, love that seems so right yet so wrong, free yet restricted, so near yet so far, within grasp yet out of it, happy but sad, ecstatic but painful, certain but uncertain, lasting but short-lived. Here’s to a bittersweet celebration of songs of those who have chosen to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. Inspired by The Lite Rock Favorites Of The Week.


CD 2: Beautiful Seed – Corrinne May

She is more than Singapore’s answer to Sarah McLachlan. Six years since her debut, Corrinne May releases her fourth album Beautiful Seed and has come into a sound of her own.

Beautiful Seed showcases 13 songs (the longest Corrinne May album yet). Undeniably a highlight, the first single “On The Side Of Me” has a soaring chorus and is filled with heartrending emotions.

Other gems include “Shelter” and the title song “Beautiful Seed,” which are destined to be radio favorites. “Beautiful Seed” is the most intricate song that Corrinne May has ever written. Known for incorporating stories in her songs, Corrinne May evokes positive feelings as she sings “There is hope in every heartbeat/Tiny as it seems/You’re a beautiful seed.”

Being a devout Catholic, Corrinne May sings of her religion in “33” and “Five Loaves And Two Fishes” — a personal favorite of the album. And I’m not even affiliated with the religion.

Corrinne May excels at what she does best by writing songs that touch the soul. With the help of her husband/musical director/producer Kavin Hoo, Beautiful Seed is definitely her best album to date.

By Angelina Yeo, MTV Asia Review


1) Love Song For #1

I love observing nature. I love looking up at the stars, or the clouds and trees, knowing that the God who created all this beauty also created me. This is a song of gratitude and love.

2) Shelter

Friends support and help each other through difficult times. This song is about friendship.
It is a song to a friend to tell her that I will be here for her through the difficulty she is going through. All she has to do is call me and I will help her in whatever way I can.

3) On The Side Of Me

This is a song about the power of love. No matter how unloveable I think I am, there is someone who loves me a lot. Loves me despite all my faults, my failures, despite my bad habits. I think it’s wonderful to be loved for who I am, no matter what.

4) Five Loaves and Two Fishes

This song is based on my favourite bible story. The story is about how Jesus made a miracle happen by taking five loaves and two fishes offered by a little boy, and using that to feed 5000 people. I think it’s an amazing story about how, no matter how small we may think about what we have to offer, we should trust that our offerings, our gifts are never wasted. Our gifts and our talents should be treasured for they can be used in many beautiful ways.

5) Beautiful Seed

I think people often forget how the smallest, most seemingly insignificant things can have such beautiful possibilities. All it takes is one person to make a difference in this world. People like Mother Teresa, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. testify to this fact. But often, we are so afraid to try, to speak up, or to make a difference.

I named the album and the song ‘Beautiful Seed’ because I think that a seed is a wonderful metaphor for our lives. We are all like seeds. Seeds grow unseen in the soil and then sprout, and some seed become the biggest, most majestic trees and others grow to eventually bear wonderful fruit, and yet others, grow to provide shade. We are like trees. When we are in our mother’s womb, no one can see us growing, but we are there. And all the potential for our lives is present in that moment, small as we are at that point in our lives, we are who we are now because of what we’ve gone through. And just knowing that, makes me sad to read about the increasing numbers of abortions that occur. People have forgotten that all the potential for life comes from something small, seemingly insignificant, seemingly lifeless.

Recently, I read about how scientists managed to grow a date palm plant from a 2000 year old seed. How amazing.

6) Leaving

Bad habits are hard to break. But sometimes, the best thing to do is to find a new way of doing things, to leave the things that are not good for us. This song is about making the decision to start anew, to do things right, to leave the bad situations behind.

7) Scars (Stronger For Life)

Scars form whenever we hurt ourselves, if we have an injury to our bodies, our bodies respond by healing, and often, forming scar tissues over the wounds. The scar tissue is usually thicker and stronger than our normal skin. In our lives, we often encounter events, or situations with people that hurt us, for eg, a lot of us have gone through the painful feeling of a break-up with a girlfriend or boyfriend, or the loss of a loved one, or the pain of being ill. I believe that when we go through the sad and painful events in our lives, we eventually heal, and we become stronger as a result of the challenges we experience.

8.) City of Angels

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 8 years and it’s always struck me as a very interesting city.
It is a city of contradictions, a city of opposites, a lot of glitz and glamour juxtaposed with poverty and grit. It is a city in a desert, and in many ways, the desert is often not just a physical, geographical reality. I feel that the desert, has a deeper, metaphorical meaning in this city. People are often thirsty, hungry for love. Of course, this is a reality everywhere in the world, but it feels more intense here in Los Angeles. So I thought I’d pour my thoughts into a song.

9) My Little Nephew

The first time I held my nephew in my arms was a wonderful moment of realization that I am now an aunty to my brother’s son. Children change so fast as they grow and my nephew lives in Singapore, as does the rest of my family. I on the other hand, live far away in Los Angeles and despite my wanting to be able to see him change and grow, and to be around for family gatherings such as his birthday, it’s hard to only see him now and then, whenever I go back to Singapore. I sat down at the piano one day, and wrote a song for him.

10) Slow Down

It’s hard to watch my grandparents getting older, and walking a little slower as the years go by. I thought about how life starts off with kids, teenagers and young adults rushing around with the exuberance of youth, and how, as we get older, we all slow down. I also thought about how sometimes, working adults run around so much, focused on careers, on all the things in life that seem so important, that they lose sight of the really important things in life, things like time with the family, for instance.

11) Green-Eyed Monster

The term ‘Green-Eyed Monster’ is used to describe someone who is jealous about somebody else’s success. I think most of us have been through an occasion where we find ourselves comparing our own achievements with those of our peers. Sometimes, in comparing ourselves with others, we end up feeling bitter and resentful, and that is not the way that we should be feeling. I wanted to write a song to tell myself that there is no use in comparing myself to others. I have my own story to tell. I have my own path to walk. No one else can walk the path I am meant to walk. So I should not compare my own life with others. It is a waste of energy and time. So I decided to write a song about this.

12) On My Way

I’ve travelled a lot over the past few years, to Singapore, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, Maine, Philadelphia, etc. as I’m often going to various cities to perform my music. Most of the time, I’m on the road by myself, driving to various venues. Sometimes I get lost, sometimes, I get into traffic jams… I think that life is like being on a journey. We have a final destination to get to. We’re all travelers on this road of life. I think that life is like a winding road where it’s hard sometimes to figure out where the road is going to go, and sometimes it’s easy to get lost and confused. ‘On My Way’ is a song of hope and encouragement, that no matter how far the journey is, every little step that we take, brings us closer to our final destination, and as long as we keep on walking that journey, we will get where we need to be eventually.

13) 33

When I turned 33 last year, I thought to myself, that Jesus was 33 when he lived his last year on earth. I thought that it was pretty amazing that I was now the same age as him. So somehow, that made me wonder how it would have been if I had lived during the time of Jesus. Would our paths have hicrossed? Would we have been friends? It also got me thinking that some lives are so short, just like Jesus’ was, and some lives are much longer. But ultimately it doesn’t matter how short or long someone’s life was; what matters is that life is lived to the fullest, no matter how much time you are given to live.

14) Shelter (Cherry Blossom Edition)

Even though I listen to mostly English pop music, as a child I often listened to the Chinese pop melodies that my grandmother would play on the radio, and my father would teach me some Asian folk songs. I was inspired to write a Asian-styled piano arrangement to ‘Shelter’ after listening to Kavin’s string arrangement for the song. Lately, I’ve been experimenting more with pentatonic keys and modes and so, I decided to try an Asian-styled arrangement on the piano. I loved it very much, so we decided to include it in the album because it adds a different, more dramatic feel to the song.

From CD Baby 

For Corrine May’s Official website, click here.



  1. Hmmm…those were interesting kyrics. I love songs that tells stories of life and experiences. They are so much like poems but much better because of the melody.

    Happy listening Jules!

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