The Boys of Reason at Pevan and Florraine’s Wedding

It was a lovely day. We witnessed the beginning of new life of two people, Pevan and Florraine, destined by God to love one another and to dedicate one’s life to each other. There were moments when I feel so touched by the words uttered by both of them and I know I wasn’t the only one moved by the solemn ceremony.

Uno and Jed, as I mentioned in my previous post, were part of the entourage as arrhae and Bible bearers respectively. At the last minute, Jed became the ring bearer because the Bible was too heavy for him to carry. Though Uno unexpectedly displayed a slight tantrum common to first timers, Jed managed to do his part and brought warm smile to everyone’s face.

As for the stage mom, whew! It was a time of my life 🙂 I can imagine the mothers of other children in the wedding and how excited they were for their kids. Now imagine me feeling that way twice.

John Benedict, aka Uno fifteen minutes before the start of the ceremony.

Jodrian Alexander, aka Jed looks curiously at his partner.

One of Jed’s shining moments.

Nap time for Jed but I wonder why Uno covers his ears.

The proud parents of the groom, Kuya Romy and Ate Pat.

As the couple kisses and the other children close their eyes, Uno turns to his right while Jed to his left. Looking for mommie, boys?

The couple with Uno and the groom’s family and relatives. Why is Jed nowhere in sight?

There he is!

These cadets from the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific [MAAP] attract a lot of attention. Uno the running boy, can’t resist darting in the middle of them.

But the serious looking cadets are not amazed by Jed’s skipping antics.

The handsome groom and his lovely bride.

The reception was equally unforgettable. A special program was held while the couple and the entourage, as well as the guests enjoyed a sumptuous lunch. The newlyweds were showered with kind words and sweet reminders by their ninongs and ninangs. Their parents also gave timely and practical advice.

The emcee managed to coax some young naval officers and lovely ladies to play some wedding games. The audience had a grand time watching them. A live band was also crooning some great music.

There were a lot of Kodak moments but unfortunately, my digicam’s battery didn’t last long. The last shot was the one below.

Rose petals adorn our table.

To Pevan and Florraine, thank you for making us a part of your special day. May your wedding be the beginning of a lifetime where love blooms forever. Congratulations and we wish you all the best for the times ahead.



  1. hi claire!! ay thanks! super kulit din ng mga yan. si uno magpaka-sumpungin pero si ject jolly all the time. they get along well. parehon silang mommie’s boys 😉

    thanks for dropping by!

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