Waiting for Mr Postman 2: A Glimmer of Hope

My trip to the post office this morning to inquire on the fate of the snail mail sent to me almost a month ago offered a glimmer hope.

Before going to work, I dropped by the GMA, Cavite post office. It is located in the town hall compound, and can be found at the ground floor of the municipal library. When I saw the exact location, I took some shots and I noticed that there were few people conducting a business.

GMA Municipal Library and Legislative Building

The PO sign is hardly noticeable.

When I told one PO employee about the circumstances of my mail, she told me that perhaps the mail is yet to be delivered in Cavite. That I should talk to the postman directly assign in our barangay and instruct him to watch out for the mail that I’m expecting. She even gave me the exact time when to meet the him at the post office because at that time, he’s already distributing mails in our area. Unfortunately, I couldn’t wait for him because I was in a hurry.

Behind the glass are employees serving the post office customers.

She told me that if there is a discrepancy in the recipient’s address, the post office normally send a notice to the recipient instructing him for a proof of identity to find out if he’s really the recipient.

If the recipient cannot be located, an announcement is posted as shown by the middle notice in the photo. But looking closely, its for those with unclaimed registered mail. Though I’m expecting an unregistered mail, I scanned the list and as expected, my name isn’t listed.

While my friend who sent the mail is now pondering of sending another one, this time registered, I’m still hoping to get the mail sometime soon with the help of Mr. Postman.



  1. I totally feel sorry for the lost mail. It does happen and i’m sure your friend knows that. Hence, she’s willing to go for another chance.

    It is something to be expected in an unpredictable world.

    do have patience.

  2. Its been a month today since the mail was sent.

    If only a mail can talk, it will probably wonder why on earth it hasn’t reach its destination.

    And if it can only not talk but also send some signals, I hope I get one so I can find where it is. 🙂

    Oh snail mail, my snail mail
    Wherefore are thou oh snail mail…

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