Stage Mom

My role on Thursday, the 28th of this month is to guide Uno and Jed in their first ever wedding commitment. The son of a dear friend of mine who is getting married requested the boys to be in the entourage. Uno is the Arrhae Bearer while Jed is the Bible Bearer. I said yes at once and now everyone is very excited. Including the tailor who made the boys’ wedding getup because according to him, he never made such little garbs. The boys will be wearing an all white outfit because the groom is a ship official and all the men in the entourage will be on a Naval uniform. The stage mom in me is very excited but a bit nervous because at their age, Uno [2 and 10 months] and Jed [1 and 10 months] can be unpredictable at times. I have my sister Coset, who is the family’s resident expert in child psychology, to go with me and help me with the boys.

The wedding will take place at 9:00 in the morning in Our Lady of Lourdes, Tagaytay City and the reception will follow at Days Hotel, also in Tagaytay City.

Uno and Jed, who got their hair trimmed the other day, will have their shining moment. Albeit briefly, their stage mom will be grinning nervously but proudly, as they walk down the aisle.



  1. Yipee!! this is an important milestone for your boys of reasons. They will do fine so don’t worry about it. Just get those camera ready so you can keep this momment forever!

    hehe… there’ll be more ocassions to come for the stage mom… it’s just starting.

    enjoy it to the fullest!

  2. I can’t help but feel gittery about the boy’s first gig, Em 🙂 But I’m more excited and with little coaching, I expect the boys to deliver a great performance .

    I’ll make sure that the camera is not just ready, but fully recharge as well.

    Thanks for dropping by!

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