Sparkling but not champagne

There are countless trophies inside our school library. The tallest one is around 4 ft in height, the smallest I guess is 4″. They were ‘harvested’ in span of four decades and I must say that for a time, each trophy gave immense joy and made the school community proud. The trophies are cleaned and dusted regularly but I wonder if the joy they brought once upon a time is still remembered.

There are also trophies inside our administration building, one won’t miss the shelves where the trophies are encased because of the attractive big caption, “SPARKS OF ACHIEVEMENT”. These awards were given during the National Schools Press Conference by the Department of Education. This annual tilt gives recognition to outstanding campus journalists and school papers. One has to hurdle the division and regional selection before the final competition.

The first set of trophies that landed in that place of honor was very dear to a lot of people in our place because it’s the first time our school was given such awards and it established our school as one of the best in the country in terms of campus journalism in elementary level. After that first set of trophies, more awards were given and they equally made our school proud.

Modesty aside, these awards inspire other schools in our division [DepEd-Pasay] to aspire for similar feat and in fact one of them already won in the same competition.

Winner for five consecutive years. But the most memorable is still the first set of awards, and the first trophy handed in Cebu City in 2003. First Place out of thousand best entries. Such a moment, excitement, tears of joy,  a sudden embrace of heaven, a moment that one can play over and over when one is feeling blue.

Years from now, the awards and trophies displayed in the place of honor will be deposited in the library like the trophies that I mentioned earlier to give way for other awards. Years from now they’ll be forgotten. But not by me.. I wont forget them, especially the first award given in one fine day in Cebu City.



  1. Congratulations!!! Receiving such a level of award doesn’t come easy and rarely given to anyone. I’m sure with the effort you have put into your endeavor, you truly deserve the award. You are so humble to think it is not a “Champagne” but it’s more than a Champagne. It’s sparkling because it’s a STAR. It’ll continue to shine and give inspiration as long as it is there on the wall. It’s your legacy to the future.

    Be proud for your award is nothing compared to most. You have earned a place in history that will be remembered. As long as there are youth staring at it…mesmerized and inspired.

  2. Thank you em. Winning is a reminder that if one works hard, success will come easy. I also learn that excellence should remain constant and one should be generous in sharing ideas with others to achieve a common goal.

    Thanks for your inspiring words! I’ll treasure it in my heart 🙂

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