Waiting for Mr. Postman

This morning I sent an email to the Philippine Postal Corporation inquiring about a mail sent by a friend from overseas. I should have recieved it by now but unfortunately, it’s yet to arrive. I hope to get a response from the PhilPost and receive the mail sent to me.

What prompted me to write is something else. My mother who just arrived from the Bicol region showed me a bill and it reminded me of the place where the mail was coming from. She has a cousin who is residing there but currently in Bicol for a short vacation. She gave the bill to her for keepsake. For luck I guess.

Back to Mr. Postman, I know the wonder of technology has changed the lives of people immensely especially in terms of communication. But there are things that only a person can do. That is to hand in a much awaited snail mail and bring smile to its recipient. Mr. Postman, are you listening? 🙂


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