If you’re one of them

When balls are in the air at home and at work, when cyberspace demands equal attention and I can’t resist to give my share, these friends of mine quietly wait till I’m ready for them. One of them stays with me all the time, but still there is not enough time even for a page or two. If they can only talk, I wonder what they’ll tell me…

If you’re one of them, what will you say to someone who picked you up ten years ago but never get a chance to read you?




  1. Magtatampo po ako!!! That is how I will feel. If they only can speak, they would probably be picketing in your room demanding attention and protesting neglect and unequal treatment. hehe

    look who’s talking?? I myself have a few books left unread in my bookshelf. Since I began schooling, all i’ve read is our text book. To think, i’ve pre ordered the third book of Christopher Paolini “Inheritance”. It’s a sequel to Eragon and Eldest. That one i’m really excited to read since i’ve read both the previous ones. It will be out in September. I pre ordered anothe book by JK Rowling,

    thanks for sharing Jules!

  2. Yeah! look who’s talking! Last weekend I was in the fourth page of Toni Morrison’s “Paradise”… but now, I’m in my usual juggling act.

    Good thing our books are books 🙂 and not complainers, protesters and picketers.

    Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your school text books!

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