I thought I could stay away

I thought I could stay away..
Thought it would be easy as a cake..
No matter how much I try
My mind keeps on fleeting back…

Why do we long for feelings that are gone?
Why do we unconsciously drift back to forsaken places?
For those places are as empty as the night forlorn
Neither the moon nor stars to shine in its vast space.

There is no one there …. Just me alone
But as I close my eyes I hear and feel it
The endless laughter, the caring tone
The warm caress, affectionate and sweet.

As I endure each day
Of drifting here and there
I hope someday I will find a way
Or a reason for my mind to stay

For here is where I belong
Here is where I should be strong
Here is where I should patiently wait
Build the trust that was shattered and lost

I have to heal my mind and heart
I have to stop it from looking back
It may take a while that I know for sure
But I must try and focus on the future

Open my eyes, wide and full
For somewhere out there real and near
Waving a hand or two, or winking an eye or both
Hoping against hope for new trust to sprout

The poem was written by a dear friend who’s been away for sometime. Once I asked her if she would like to spare a word or two as a guest blogger in this little space of mine. This morning I received an email with this poem. 

We haven’t met personally and the ‘net is where we first nortured our friendship. We hope to meet someday. And between that distant time and now, its enough for us to think that although we live under different skies, we share the same sun.

Isn’t it a wonder that one cloudy November day I unexpectedly found someone in a distant far?  Hundreds of stories later, that someone is now grazing my little space. Still distant but only physically.  

To my friend, thank you for taking time to write. What you hope for is in your heart and what you’re looking for will find you.   

Ladies and gentlemen, lapis at fountain pen 🙂 here is my friend

To view  more images of Toronto, click here. To see other images of Manila Bay sunset, click here.



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