August 11, 2008 – Around the World

August 11, 2008 meant something to a lot of people. As the world turns, headlines flashed around the globe..

Beijing: Time to lift US ties to a higher level

Los Angeles: Russia ignores Georgia retreat

London: Russia brushes aside ceasefire calls after Georgia withdraws

Washington: Georgia Retreats, Pleads for Truce; US Condemns Russian Onslaught

Manila: PAF planes bomb MILF lair

Toronto: Fire and Rage

By looking at the headlines, one would wish for love, peace, harmony and goodwill to mankind. The wisher, or to correctly put it, the birthday girl wished not just L-V-H and GTM but other things worth wishing…

And what is a special day without greetings?..

From Joi

From Em

From Mayet

From Jeorgia

So her life begins on August 11, 2008… 🙂

To see newspaper headlines around the world, click here.



  1. And where is the celebrants picture?? You should have one because it is turning point in your life. Mine was!

    wish we could hug you physically…. but that would come sooner or later.

    may all the blessing of the good Lord be with you for always.

  2. I was thinking about that… I guess I need to have one taken now that I’ll be writing the same beginning digit of my age as you are 🙂

    Thank you Em, I wish the same thing to you


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