The Little Prince’s Pandesal

I know The Little Prince is very picky but he wasn’t able to resist this morning’s simple offering. Hot and yummy, this classic Pinoy bread has peanut butter fillings and was gobbled down with equally hot coffee. 

Every morning here in our place in Pasay City, there is a regular pandesal peddler. His modulated holler for his customers is something one won’t miss every morning, rain or shine. Its almost like a sing-song that only he can say. The pandesal the he sells is inside a big styrofoam container and arranged horizontally in an orderly manner. I wonder how long it takes him to lay out the pandesal that way. 🙂

I’ve read The Little Prince several times. My copies, yes I bought around three copies already and everytime someone borrows the book, it never finds its way back to me. I guess I’m not a good book keeper 🙂 because I don’t keep records of those who borrowed books from me. Just don’t ask me what is the most “expensive book” that got “lost.”

For the child in you who wants to read Antoine de Saint Exupery’s The Little Prince, click here. Its the complete selection that one can read over and over. But if you really want to be enlightened, the analog pages [the actual book] is truly worth it.



  1. I remember The Little Prince during my elementary days but not as much as i remember the pandesal. I love our pandesal back home. I can find pandesal here in filipino or chinese stores but they seemed to be lacking the authentic taste of those back home. the pandesal here are bigger but it’s not the size really. 🙂 Like you said… it’s the voice of the peddler or his maner of arranging the pandesal in his styrofoam bucket… 🙂

    i like my pandesal with sunny side up egg and cheese. talking about it makes me hungry!! i want my pandesal and i want the one back home!!!!

  2. I think what you’re missing is the Pinoy air that is present in every piece of pandesal. 🙂 Tomorrow, if the peddler comes around, I’ll get a double order and a double sunny side up. One for me and one for you. But the Prince will be your proxy 🙂

  3. HEHE… that is so unfair. *pouting*

    *sigh* but whatelse can i do? i really need a vacation back home. I’m afraid when it happened i’l probably gain 20 lbs for eating all the food i missed!

    sige na nga, ikain mo na nga lang ako!

    come to think of it, missko yung mga beaches dyan so tyaga lang ako magtingin ng pics sa blog ni DonG at lawstud… miss kong mga pagkain ..tyaga lang na tumingin sa blog mo…lol. I’m so pathetic.


  4. A vacation? That’s what you really need!! 20 lbs devided by the years that you’ve been away from Manila is fairly enough. You can just get rid of it by taking a walk in our world class malls and tyangge like Greenbelt, MOA, Trinoma, Market-Market! and of course, Divisoria and Baclaran.

    The wonder of technology… but nothing beats the real thing. Like yesterday I was on my home and I saw my suking fishball tindera and I made tusok-tusok then sawsaw-sawsaw tapos kain-kain sa masarap na bola-bola 🙂

  5. hehe pandesal ang sunny side up ang pinaka gusto kong almusal

    About the books, book lover din ako. Una ko pinupuntahan sa mall ay book sale o kaya national at powerbooks. I have a mini library in my room. maliit lang sya.. pero ako naman di nagpapahiram ng libro hehe.. ang damot ko ano? usually kasi di na binabalik kaya pag may nanghihiram sabi ko ipaxerox na lang haha

  6. for some, a day without pandesal is like a day without sunshine 🙂

    ewan ko ba, tamad kase akong mag-follow up sa mga books na hiniram sa kin pero ngayon maingat na ko kase meron na kong inaasahang magbabasa ng mga books na binili ko 😉

    salamat sa pagdaan, bluep!

  7. Hi Mayet. Iba talaga ang Pinoy pandesal. Ako rin naalala ko pa yung pot-pot noong bata pa ko. Yung naglalako sa amin, parang kumakanta habang sinasabi yungm “suki, hot pandesal”

    Thanks! Happy 9th month to Karen! She’s one awesome little baby I’m sure 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by!

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