Eat and Run

Whenever a new flavor of any popular street food comes out in the maket, I wonder if there is going to be a kalabasa [squash] or amplaya [bitter melon] flavors. In the case of the ever popular fishball, I have yet to taste neither squash nor bitter melon. The friendly vendors in our neighborhood in Pasay City no longer stick to plain fishball but they have chicken and squid balls in their frying fans as well. 

Chicken and squid balls are bigger and cost more. While fishball sells for .50 cents each, chicken and squid are 2.00 pesos each. The dipping sauces that enhance the flavor are basically the same: spicy hot vinegar, thick sweet and sour, and thick spicy hot. I always dip mine in spicy hot vinegar first, then in the sweet and sour. 

“Bola-bola” eaters in our place are not just kids but armed security guards, uniformed airline employees and off duty airport porters. Everytime I pass by the usual fishball place, its always swarming with people holding a tiny stick.     


Rice in a Box is similar to Chowking’s Chaopan but the latter is more flavorful and more expensive. I wasn’t planning to eat at all after going to SM supermarket. But after passing its booth, the smell made me hungry so I tried. The seller also asked me to try their different topppings but I settled for the mushroom and chicken. While I was eating, a lady in the booth called for customers and I couldn’t help but smile because she did it with gusto and the other ladies inside the booth giggled a lot. It seemed they were having fun calling out for customers. It was good enough for a hungry tummy and after eating it standing up, I was ready to go.


A six-pound pack of Shulz mini-pretzels was sent by my sister from California. Its inside a huge package that came with other stuff. The salty taste of the pretzels didn’t appeal to the kids at home because more than a half of the pack is still uneaten. When I first tasted it, Jack and jill’s Chippy came to my mind at once. Its good for munching though. Because its low fat and zero cholesterol. I have filled three cookie jars -plastic jars, actually – with pretzels and I took them at work.



  1. They surely looks delicious. Hit and run foods…. i miss the bola bola. I miss SM’s standing food courts. We have lots of pretzels here and i only like it when i’m having an alcoholic drink….like beer..hehe

    Have a good day!

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