CW2C Mama Mia!

I can’t wait to see this movie!! 🙂
Gloriusly subversive” according to Times Online Review 🙂

Streep is the real star here, and she does serious acting, too, investing a cliff-top rendition of The Winner Takes It All with far more teary gravitas than should be possible for a song that contains the line: “I figured it made sense/ building me a fence”.

Brosnan, meanwhile, is at his funniest and most unBondish. Bless him, but the man cannot sing at all. It’s not that he can’t hold a tune, exactly, more that you can really hear him trying. I hope he is in on the joke.

Maybe it is the mature cast that makes Mamma Mia! work so well. The film is hectic but relaxed. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. Every act of breaking into song is a gag and every dance move an undignified scramble.

Here’s the cast of the musical:-)

And if you really feel like singing 🙂 belt it out with the original!

Now imagine what my LSS [last song syndrome] is for the last two days… 🙂



  1. I can very well imagine Jules!!! Abba is an excellent group of singers. They are trully a classic destined to last till the end of time.

    I will also wait for its showing here. I love the combination of romance and comedy. 😉

  2. It will be shown here on the 10th of July and I know a place where a movie like Mama Mia can be seen perfectly 🙂

    We can surely talk about this after watching. Separately and across the continents 🙂

  3. That will be a date then?! The schedule for showing here is July 11. That’ll be Friday. I can surely bring my daughter with me because she loves Abba too!

    See ya! (in mind and spirit) 🙂

  4. And if by mind and spirit you happen to pass by our house the weekend after that, and heard someone belting ‘The Winner Takes It All’, its neither Frida nor Agnetha. Its gonna be me 🙂

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