Paulo Coelho’s Blog

As I was rummaging through my spam comments, I found one mistakenly caught by Akismet. The commenter directed me to Paulo Coelho’s Blog.

I’d love to participate in his Virtual Exhibition for 100 Million copies. I have two of his books, The Alchemist and The Fifth Mountain. But unfortunately these two books are still in borrowers’ hands and to make it worst, I can’t remember who borrowed them.

My copy of The Alchemist is marked with red lines on pages where meaningful quotes are found. I hope to find my copy. For sentimental reason and because I want to join in the VI of 100 M copies

By changing the way you do routine things you allow a new person to grow inside of you.
Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage



  1. Seize every opportunity that life offers you because,
    when opportunities go,
    they take a long time to come back.
    (The Fifth Mountain)

    This is the quote of the day from the site you mentioned. I like Mr. Coelho’s quotes too. As much as i like Og Mandino. They are inspirational and full of hope.

    I have two books of Mr. Coelho, namely The Alchemist and the Witch of Portobello. I have not finished the latter though. I had a great time reading the alchemist and i’m sure the next one will be the same.

    I hope you find your book!

    keep smiling Jules!!!

  2. Paulo Coelho knows how to use his words to inspire his readers. And he keeps on inspiring them.

    As for my copy, if I don’t find it, I hope it makes a difference in the hands of the new owner. Just as it did to me.

    Have a great time in your next Paulo Coelho’s book,


  3. You could go to a library, find your favourite book, and take a pic with your cellphone, couldn’t you?

    I’m sure the book-seller will be charmed about the idea, and who knows, he may participate…

    Good luck.

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