WS #005: The Boys of Reason at SM

Yesterday at SM City-Dasmarinas… the mall was packed because the opening of school is coming very soon. The boys didn’t mind if there were lots of people. They enjoyed the stroll.

Aside from dancing , Jed loves to use his finger to point something. When he does it, he usually utters undecipherable words .

He’s pointing something really argumentative only his imaginary friends know.

In this side, Uno concentrates on the cookies and doesn’t care about the cuddly stuffed toys behind him.



  1. Yes, malls are always packed before classes start.

    Have a great week!

    And last Sunday, people were swarming because there were also shows in the entertainment area. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂 Enjoy your week!

  2. your son is like my daughter, sometimes i can’t barely understand what she is saying. LOL…

    were at the mall too last sunday, and boy it is really crowded.

    Mine is up too. Hope you can drop by.

    View from the top

    Happy WS!

    Its funny listening to their gibberish words.
    Its like Christmas rush!
    Will be there, thanks for dropping by! Happy WS!

  3. I can very well remember my daughter Louise (3 years old then) went missing amidst the crowded SM department store. It was nerve wrecking and although it was 8 years ago..i can still feel how it is to loose someone i love so dearly. It was also during that time that people are cramming to the malls for last minute school opening shopping.

    Jed is so cute in his checkerd shirt! Did you eat at Jollibees?

    We thought Uno got lost last Sunday. Good thing he was inside the French Baker we’re we got our snacks. For a minute a was nervous wreck and I swear I won’t take the boys to crowded mall again.
    We didn’t get to eat at Jollibee because the two outlets there were packed. They just enjoyed touching the mascot. Have a great week, Em!

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